Cheap Authentic NFL Jerseys|Wholesale NFL Jerseys For Sale China Online $19.8

Cheap Authentic NFL Jerseys|Wholesale NFL Jerseys For Sale China Online $19.8

Cheap NFL Jerseys China

With Alex Smith under center, the Chiefs’ .793 winning percentage is the NFL’s best since the middle of the 2015 season. That salient fact has done little, however, to discourage rampant rumor and innuendo that Kansas City is a potential landing spot as Tony Romo’s next team.Wholesale Jerseys.In the immediate aftermath of their season-ending playoff loss to the Steelers, coach Andy Reid assured reporters he could still win with Smith.Jerseys From China.When it was pointed out two weeks later that the comments weren’t exactly a ringing endorsement, Reid left little room for equivocation.Cheap NFL Jerseys.”Alex is our quarterback — there’s no question about that or anything else,” Reid told the Kansas City Star in late January. “I surely didn’t want to insinuate that (was not the case) at all.”

Earlier this month, general manager John Dorsey echoed Reid’s sentiment on Smith’s standing with the organization.”We’ve said all along he is the starter — I don’t know what more you want to say,” Dorsey said.Cheap NBA Jerseys.”He’s led this franchise to three playoff seasons out of four, which is pretty good in my eyes.”Chairman Clark Hunt is the latest to weigh in, confirming to the Kansas City Star over the weekend that Smith is entrenched as the franchise quarterback.Cheap NFL Jerseys China.”I would just reiterate what Andy has said several times throughout the offseason,” Hunt explained, “which is he’s very happy with Alex and Alex is going to be our starter going into 2017.”Smith isn’t without his shortcomings.Cheap Basketball Jerseys.In particular, his inability to stretch the field vertically is a competitive disadvantage against the AFC’s superpowers such as the Steelers and Patriots.

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